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v5.0.1002.354 [2023-05-21]

Added option "Enable custom URL in incognito mode"
Added option "Clear browsing data automatically after closing multilogin tabs"
Added address bar menu item "Copy title and URL"
Download manager supported Download Master and Internet Download Accelerator
Set default icon for JavaScript bookmarks
Patched CVE-2023-2033 and CVE-2023-2136
[Bug fixes] Selecting tab after scrolling the tab bar may mess up tab position
[Bug fixes] NVDA may cause multi-column bookmarks to freeze
[Bug fixes] Remembered position of video popup window will be reset when the secondary screen is above the main screen
[Bug fixes] Customizing new tab URL to chrome://apps/ will cause crash when opening an incognito window
[Bug fixes] Script crashes when searching in chrome://settings/cbManageShortcuts
[Bug fixes] Automatic update may install new version to wrong location
[Bug fixes] Twitter displays abnormally after restoring from "Full Screen In Tab"

v5.0.1002.295 [2022-12-30]

Upgraded to Chromium 102.0.5005.167
Refactored multi-login tab to support persistence
Added blur tool to screenshot tool
Allowed editing save path directly in download dialog
Added feature: Reload unpacked extensions
Added feature: Right click to delete autofill entries
Added option: Overwrite files with the same name by default when downloading
Added menu item: Open URL in new multi-login tab
Added shortcut key customization such as toggling cursor browsing mode
Multi-column bookmarks are changed to full width scrolling
Screenshot shortcut keys are registered as global hotkeys
The taskbar icons of the portable version and the installed version are no longer merged
[Bug fixes] When the tab hover card is displayed, the tab cannot be closed using double click
[Bug fixes] After the video element in the video popup window is deleted, the web page displays abnormally
[Bug fixes] Multi-column bookmarks display wrongly under Windows 11
[Bug fixes] Download bubble window has no rounded corners
[Bug fixes] Tab in collapsed tab group is not selectable using tab list menu
[Bug fixes] Video popup window may appear outside of the screen
[Bug fixes] Possible crash when closing App windows
[Bug fixes] Possible failure of cleaning up temporary files when the installer exits

v4.3.9.248 [2021-01-06]

Allow autofill on HTTP pages
Increased scroll speed for multi-column bookmarks
Restored default behavior of "Open all bookmarks"
[Bug fixes]Mouse gesture for wheel button doesn't work on crashed page

v4.3.9.241 [2020-12-27]

[Bug fixes]High GPU usage in idle state
[Bug fixes]Captions are not showing under web page fullscreen mode on Youtube
[Bug fixes]Mouse gesture "Find selected text (next)" can't repeat the last Find action

v4.3.9.238 [2020-12-22]

Use new tab page priorly when restoring tabs
Use foreground tab for the first bookmark when opening bookmarks folder
Added some commands to the shortcut key customization list
[Bug fixes]the bookmark name cannot be saved in time when editing the bookmark
[Bug fixes]the badge number of the download button is covered by the icon
[Bug fixes]SameSite Cookie policy causes errors on some websites

v4.3.9.227 [2020-12-10]

Modified translation strings
Display DoH settings

v4.3.9.226 [2020-12-08]

Upgraded to Chromium 86.0.4240.198
Adjusted new tab page for dark mode
Press Ctrl to force using built-in downloader when downloading
Holding on Ctrl and right click or middle click the new tab button to open multiple URLs
Show "Skip Ads" button for Youtube under web page fullscreen mode
Supported shortcut key customization for "Close other tabs" and etc
Supported installing for all users
Supported BitComet in the downloader list
Supported command line --cb-disable-group-policy to disable group policy
Added menu commands "Export passwords" and "Import passwords"
Added shortcut(Alt+Shift+I) for "Copy page as image"
Added bookmarks option "Insert new bookmarks at the top of the folder"
Added privacy option "Disable Bookmarks suggestions in the address bar"
Added privacy option "Disable History suggestions in the address bar"
[Bug fixes]Tab hover image may cause deadlock
[Bug fixes]Image saved from Alt+I can't be shown in Windows Photo Viewer
[Bug fixes]Emoji show as square in Win10 2004 when DirectWrite is disabled
[Bug fixes]No Favicon for bookmarks added from context menu command in incognito window
[Bug fixes]Video popup toolbar show in wrong position in some cases
[Bug fixes]Browser crashes when chrome://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip is enabled
[Bug fixes]Browser always confirm exiting downloading whatever the option "When closing the last tab" is
[Bug fixes]Multiple issue regarding tab groups

v4.2.10.171 [2020-04-23]

Added menu item for opening file type automatically in download bubble window
Added default shortcut Alt+Shift+T for translating the current page
Patched some security vulnerabilities
[Bug fixes]Web page may crash when launching the browser from other software
[Bug fixes]"--cb-do-not-focus-location-bar" is invalid in the new tab page
[Bug fixes]The auto-hide bookmark bar does not layout when the browser window bounds are changed
[Bug fixes]Wrong font is used when DirectWrite is disabled in some cases

v4.2.9.152 [2020-04-08]

Upgraded to Chromium 80.0.3987.163
Show bookmark bar in new tab by default when bookmark bar is hidden
Always display background image download button in
Added animation effect for the QR code button in the address bar
Added an option for opening all bookmarks with middle clicking
[Bug fixes]Tabs are unloaded automatically under memory pressure
[Bug fixes]Inline auto completion still works when History suggestion is disabled
[Bug fixes]Downloading screenshot with Ctrl+Shift+P always calls built-in downloader
[Bug fixes]Bookmarks sub-menu is in the wrong position after dragging and moving its parent menu
[Bug fixes]Bookmarks menus sometimes did not take full advantage of the screen width
[Bug fixes]Browser may be stuck in white screen state after startup
[Bug fixes]Crash caused by boss key when closing the browser
[Bug fixes]Crash caused by right clicking the video popup window
[Bug fixes]Newly added speed dials may be in wrong position if speed dials are not fully displayed
[Bug fixes]Screenshot tool does not prompt for overwriting the file with the same name
[Bug fixes]File extension is wrong when saving web page as .mhtml
[Bug fixes]Some CJK characters are displayed as squares when DirectWrite is disabled
[Bug fixes]Auto hide bookmarks bar doesn't work in some cases
[Bug fixes]New foreground tab may be hidden on the tab bar

v4.1.7.182 [2019-12-22]

Upgraded to Chromium 78.0.3904.108
Refactored the new tab page
Added an option for dark mode
Added an option for disabling Bookmarks and History in suggestions
Added menu command "Restart in safe mode"
[Bug fixes]Can't scan QR code in dark mode
[Bug fixes]Dark mode setting is not persistent under Windows 7
[Bug fixes]Can't download any links via context menu "Download" on some websites
[Bug fixes]Downloading all links may get stuck
[Bug fixes]Mouse gesture "Page Up/Down" changes progress bar
[Bug fixes]Browser may crash when closing multi-login tabs
[Bug fixes]Rectangle coordinates may be incorrect when using screenshot tool
[Bug fixes]Tooltip window of some IME is not in correct position

v4.0.9.112 [2019-06-03]

Load all tabs on session restore if lazy loading is disabled
Adjusted QR code button for dark mode
[Bug fixes]Download dialog is not visible in some cases

v4.0.9.102 [2019-05-30]

Upgraded to Chromium 74.0.3729.169
Added option "Tab bar scroll speed"
Added option "Start finding with selected text on the page"
Added option "When clicking audio indicator button on the tab"
Fixed dark mode issues
Close empty window after restoring last session window
Scroll tab bar to make new background tab visible
Prompt clearing cache when it is too large
[Bug fixes]Clicking tip window at bottom right may lead to crash
[Bug fixes]Tab loading animation displays outside tab bar
[Bug fixes]Possible write error when copying gif files
[Bug fixes]System menus at top right displays abnormally if custom title bar is disabled
[Bug fixes]Clicking tab list button after clicked bookmarks may lead to crash
[Bug fixes]Unloading multi-login tab may lead to crash
[Bug fixes]Middle clicking to paste doesn't work in some cases
[Bug fixes]Username can't be filled automatically in some cases
[Bug fixes]Subtitles may be covered by video element in some cases
[Bug fixes]Tab list button is in dark color after installed some dark theme

v3.9.2.45 [2019-03-22]

Upgraded to Chromium 72.0.3626.121
Show tab indicator button by default
Disable account consistency
Added "Find previous" in Super Drag actions
Added option "Toggle mute by clicking audio indicator button"
Added option "Maximum bookmark button width"
Supported --cb-compact-ui to reduce tab height
Supported --cb-app-model-id-suffix to separate taskbar icons
[Bug fixes]"Full Screen In Tab" doesn't work in some cases
[Bug fixes]Alt+Up/Down doesn't work for Bing.com
[Bug fixes]Tab bar doesn't display properly after changing tab shape

v3.8.5.69 [2019-02-01]

Upgraded to Chromium 71.0.3578.98
Toggles web audio muting by clicking on mute indicator
Allow any value for forced device scale factor
"Download all links" can loop into sub-frames
Added tab menu item "Disable mouse gesture on this site"
[Bug fixes]Multi-login tab may result in crash
[Bug fixes]Video popup toolbar doesn't appear in some cases
[Bug fixes]New tab position option isn't applied to external links
[Bug fixes]Custom.css isn't applied to sub-frames
[Bug fixes]Can't use mouse gesture to scroll down when location bar has focus
[Bug fixes]Browser window has focus after restored by boss key
[Bug fixes]Tab animation may overflow tab bar
[Bug fixes]Possible crash when resetting settings
[Bug fixes]Redirect not handled when launching external downloader

v3.7.2.33 [2018-11-23]

Upgraded to Chromium 70.0.3538.11
Changed default search engine for English/Taiwan/Vietnam users
Show Terms and Privacy Policy on install dialog
Added background color for new tab items
Added option for closing timeout of auto bookmarks menu
[Bug fixes]Browser window created by mouse gesture will lose response
[Bug fixes]Empty bookmarks folder displays abnormally
[Bug fixes]URL characters are not decoded in fast save image
[Bug fixes]Potential crash when closing browser window
[Bug fixes]Potential crash when resetting settings
[Bug fixes]Order incorrect when opening a set of pages on startup
[Bug fixes]"Open the selected items" in history page doesn't work

v3.6.8.99 [2018-10-30]

Reduced bookmark button padding
[Bug fixes]Possible crash when opening settings page
[Bug fixes]Minor translation error

v3.6.8.96 [2018-10-27]

Upgraded to Chromium 69.0.3497.100
Added settings page for shortcuts(chrome://settings/cbManageShortcuts)
Added threshold option for super drag
Added "Terms of Service"
Supported full size screenshot of web page(Alt+I)
Screenshot tool supported multiple monitors and High DPI
Bookmarks panel can close itself automatically
Implemented "Reset settings"
Changed default color of startup screen and new tab page to gray
Supported sharp style tab under Refresh ui
[Bug fixes]Video popup window can't be closed by right click under High DPI
[Bug fixes]The height of download bubble may be incorrect
[Bug fixes]"Close all tabs" closes pinned tabs as well
[Bug fixes]"Disable H5 Canvas Fingerprinting" may cause website crash
[Bug fixes]Minimize button may be not clickable after theme installed
[Bug fixes]Some toolbar buttons may flicker under High DPI
[Bug fixes]QR code window is not centered

v3.5.3.50 [2018-07-24]

Remember maximized or minimized state of video popup window
Add command line to decide display order of tab list menu
Open settings page by clicking three dot button
[Bug fixes]Tab group is wrong when opening links via super drag
[Bug fixes]Pinned tabs can be closed by middle click
[Bug fixes]Pinned tabs can be closed by mouse gesture "Close current tab"
[Bug fixes]Can't click bookmarks bar when suggestion is disabled

v3.5.3.39 [2018-07-19]

Load Media Router extension by default
[Bug fixes]Can't close video popup window by right click
[Bug fixes]Some shortcut conflict

v3.5.3.34 [2018-07-16]

Upgraded to Chromium 67.0.3396.99
Added screenshot button(Ctrl+Shift+A)
Added feature "Focus the first text field"(Ctrl+Shift+F)
Added an option for middle clicking on tab
Added a switch(--cb-disable-extensions-auto-update) to prevent extension auto update
Added some translation
Disable new HTML5 player by default
[Bug fixes]Manually saving passwords not function
[Bug fixes]Nonexistent directory will not be created in fast save image
[Bug fixes]Search result option not applied to location bar search
[Bug fixes]Empty bookmarks are created while moving cursor over empty bookmark folders

v3.4.3.39 [2018-05-17]

Upgraded to Chromium 66.0.3359.181
Hold on middle button in tab list menu to unload tabs continuously
Check update dialog supports High DPI
Quick page gesture supports more websites
Added some Greek and Ukrainian translation
[Bug fixes]Tab indicator button has no bottom border
[Bug fixes]No tooltip in tab list menu
[Bug fixes]Super drag window disappears when set browser window always on top
[Bug fixes]Tall context menu is shown in scroll mode
[Bug fixes]Some websites make browser deadlock
[Bug fixes]Flash crashes in some websites when DirectWrite is disabled

v3.2.4.23 [2018-02-13]

Upgraded to Chromium 64.0.3282.140
Upgraded Flash plugin to
Supported disabling single shortcut key
Added drag gesture: "Search selected text in current website"
[Bug fixes]Text rendering incorrectly after DirectWrite disabled
[Bug fixes]Possible crash while closing incognito window
[Bug fixes]Session restore tooltip shows behind browser window
[Bug fixes]Some website may be blocked when opening from new tab thumbnail
[Bug fixes]Video tooltip may not show in some cases

v3.1.5.52 [2018-01-17]

Upgraded to Chromium 63.0.3239.132
Upgraded Flash plugin to
Added feature: "Share current tab via Email"
Added mouse gesture: "Open website home page"
Added mouse gesture: "Open current URL in multilogin tab"
Added startup command line: --cb-peer-command
Enabled Site Isolation and disabled SharedArrayBuffer
[Bug fixes]Netflix won't play
[Bug fixes]Video popup tooltip won't hide itself in some cases
[Bug fixes]Startup command line doesn't support Unicode characters
[Bug fixes]Thumbnail may be not updated after tab closing
[Bug fixes]No title in bookmark button tooltip if only showing icon
[Bug fixes]Download button has black border

v3.0.4.29 [2017-11-15]

Upgraded to Chromium 62.0.3202.94
Upgraded Flash plugin to
Added missing WidevineCDM plugin
Changed shortcut for "pin tab"

v3.0.4.27 [2017-11-10]

Upgraded to Chromium 62.0.3202.89
Added tips when failed to change shortcuts
Added shortcut Alt+A and Alt+N for "duplicate tab" and "pin tab"
Allow to load Flash plugin by default
Always allow to show tab list menu by Alt+X
Long press restore button to show drop down menu
[Bug fixes]Text is copied repeatedly when selection changing
[Bug fixes]Ctrl+F always find the last content even if text selection changed
[Bug fixes]Alt+Up/Down doesn't work in some forum

v2.9.4.39 [2017-10-01]

Upgraded to Chromium 61.0.3163.100
Added mouse gesture to open previous/next page for search result and forums(Alt+Up/Down)
Added a button to search logo in new tab dial editing dialog
Added command line --cb-do-not-focus-location-bar to set initial focus to web page
Taskbar icons not overlapping in portable version
Replaced hyperlink opening option with another one
Automatically close "clear browsing data" dialog
Internationalized set up dialog for Korean and Portuguese(Brazil)
[Bug fixes]Setup dialog crashes in some cases
[Bug fixes]Possible crash after dragging multi-login tab out
[Bug fixes]Items in "Other engines" context menu are not ordered correctly
[Bug fixes]Youtube settings menu is not placed in right position
[Bug fixes]Setup dialog can be started multiple times
[Bug fixes]chrome://kill may open a new tab

v2.8.5.75 [2017-08-28]

Upgraded to Chromium 60.0.3112.113
Added a mouse gesture action to hard reload
Added a super drag action to start finding selected text
Support silent uninstall by command line
[Bug fixes]Download complete alert plays multiple times if there are multiple window
[Bug fixes]Wheel click event may not be handled while using a theme
[Bug fixes]Paste on middle click still works even the input control doesn't have focus
[Bug fixes]Video toolbar doesn't work properly in some cases

v2.8.3.58 [2017-08-20]

Upgraded to Chromium 60.0.3112.101
Added an option to disable location bar suggestion completely
Added tab list in new tab thumbnail editing dialog
Support keyboard shortcuts in in new tab thumbnail editing dialog
Video popup toolbar supports all HTML5 video sites
[Bug fixes]Tab thumbnail may not be generated after opened several times
[Bug fixes]Wheel scrolling in the gap between tabs is not handled
[Bug fixes]Video popup toolbar appears in wrong position in some cases
[Bug fixes]Updater crashes in some cases
[Bug fixes]Boss key changes window active state

v2.7.4.52 [2017-07-20]

Upgraded to Chromium 59.0.3071.115
Added new tab dial feature
Changed setting pages to material design
Allow loop selection by Up/Down key in location bar drop down menu
Use dialog instead of tab for clearing browsing data
Randomize image selection for new tab background image(when using a folder)
Hide footer if new tab thumbnail rows is zero
[Bug fixes]The option regarding fast save image name works incorrect
[Bug fixes]--device-scale-factor doesn't take effect in startup command line
[Bug fixes]Custom.css doesn't work properly if the content including double quotes
[Bug fixes]Content in text control is copied automatically
[Bug fixes]Super drag tip window shows even if the drop target is a text control
[Bug fixes]Illegal characters may lead to browser crash in settings page

v2.6.5.52 [2017-05-28]

Added option "Enable suggestions in the address bar"
[Bug fixes]Browser crash while visiting official website from chrome://help
[Bug fixes]Mixed content still allowed

v2.6.5.49 [2017-05-25]

Upgraded to Chromium 58.0.3029.110
Start finding selected text immediately while pressing Ctrl+F/Ctrl+G
Added option "Run Flash Player in sandbox"
Added shortcut Ctrl+Shift+X to manage extensions
Added mouse gesture action "Clear cache and reload"
Added "Reorder by title" item in bookmarks context menu
Auto copy selected text
Custom.css and cache location support relative path
[Bug fixes]--user-data-dir has no effect in startup command line
[Bug fixes]New tab background image should skip small files
[Bug fixes]Script error in apps page
[Bug fixes]Mouse status is abnormal after minimized via mouse gesture
[Bug fixes]Only basic section is displayed in setting window(chrome://flags/#enable-settings-window)
[Bug fixes]Can't install extension occasionally

v2.5.6.57 [2017-04-09]

Upgraded to Chromium 57.0.2987.133
Added "customize new tab background image"
Added "play sound when download complete"
Added export bookmarks item to bookmarks menu
Added image search in context menu for some search engines
Use current new tab priorly while opening external links
Force to use built-in downloader if user hold on Ctrl/Alt/Shift(For websites restrict to single download connection)
[Bug fixes]"Skip warning about certificate error" doesn't work in some cases
[Bug fixes]Mixed content is allowed by default
[Bug fixes]Icon of update dialog is not correct
[Bug fixes]Icon in start menu has black background

v2.5.4.39 [2017-03-28]

Upgraded to Chromium 57.0.2987.110
Added middle click to paste
Added shortcuts for "Bookmarks menu"(Alt+B), "Copy page URL"(Alt+C) and "Paste and go"(Alt+T)
[Bug fixes]A potential crash while closing browser
[Bug fixes]Deadlock while dragging bookmarks within Chrome menu
[Bug fixes]A black window flickers while opening command bookmark
[Bug fixes]No animation while opening background tab
[Bug fixes]Does not load Chrome group policy
[Bug fixes]Launching download tools may cause browser lag
[Bug fixes]Download bubble window has black border under Win7 classic theme
[Bug fixes]URL contains Non-ASCII characters can't open with IE

v2.4.2.19 [2017-02-26]

Upgraded to Chromium 56.0.2924.87
Added "Command Bookmarks"
Disable safe browsing by default
[Bug fixes]Tab bar incorrectly paints while changing tab shape/size
[Bug fixes]Download task fails if there are illegal characters in file name
[Bug fixes]Youtube hover progress shows wrong position in popup window
[Bug fixes]Download bubble shows black border occasionally

v2.3.7.50 [2017-01-24]

Added an button to open website in IE
Added a command line "--cb-disable-auto-detect-search-provider" to prevent collecting search engines
Copy text instead of link if Ctrl/Alt pressed when using super drag
[Bug fixes]Potential crash when using boss key
[Bug fixes]Youtube progress bar shows wrong time value in video popup window
[Bug fixes]New tab is still incognito if coped text in an incognito tab before
[Bug fixes]Flash plugin can't be disabled
[Bug fixes]In some cases toolbar shows in HybridMaterial mode

v2.3.5.32 [2017-01-09]

Upgraded to Chromium 55.0.2883.103
Added an option to protect pinned tabs
Added option "Open popup window in tab"
Added feature "Download removed task again"
Added option "Ignore system DPI setting"
Migrated chrome://history page to material design style
[Bug fixes]Prompt dialog can't display when open bookmarks from bookmarks panel
[Bug fixes]Download starting animation doesn't show
[Bug fixes]Multiple column bookmark menu doesn't respond to shortcuts immediately
[Bug fixes]Fullscreen in tab doesn't work on Youtube and Vimeo
[Bug fixes]A potential deadlock in download manager dialog
[Bug fixes]New tab button image paints incorrectly under high DPI

v2.2.9.39 [2016-11-19]

[Bug fixes]Failed to launch FlashGet 1.x
[Bug fixes]Sometimes video popup window doesn't hide under full screen
[Bug fixes]Drag bookmarks between folders leads to dead lock

v2.2.9.38 [2016-11-17]

Upgraded to Chromium 54.0.2840.99
Added option "Mute browser when using boss key"
Added option "remember popuped video window position"
Added cb_config.ini to store startup command line
Search text dropped from external sources
Download manager supported FlashGet 1.x and FDM 5.x
Normalized adding/closing tab animation
[Bug fixes]IME window not displayed near location bar after browser startup
[Bug fixes]Forms and passwords are not saved correctly in some cases
[Bug fixes]moonlight-chrome extension can't be installed
[Bug fixes]Tab bar layouts incorrectly under RTL languages
[Bug fixes]More memory is consumed when disabled DirectWrite

v2.1.9.50 [2016-10-03]

Upgraded to Chromium 53.0.2785.143
Added "Disable" command in extension context menu
Added badge text for completed download tasks
Added toggle browser mute button
Added accelerator(Alt+X) for tab list menu
Fully disable download protection when safe browsing disabled
Unload tabs to reduce memory consumption by middle clicking in tab list menu
Improve new tab page performance
Enable password force saving by default
Fixed two potential crashes
[Bug fixes]Tas opened from external link may be not in visible area of tab bar
[Bug fixes]Startup command line is not parsed correctly in some cases
[Bug fixes]Color control is not handled correctly when color value begins with zero
[Bug fixes]Mouse wheel scrolling skips a tab when opening hyperlink disposition set to background tab
[Bug fixes]Updater doesn't work in some cases
[Bug fixes]Confirm dialog not appear when closing browser from task bar context menu

v2.0.10.57 [2016-08-08]

Upgraded to Chromium 52.0.2743.116
Added check for update
Added rectangle tab shape in Material Design mode
Added an option to disable accelerators
Added back disabling Direct Write
Allowing using User Data of Chrome directly
Support changing bookmarks order by drag and drop in bookmarks menu
Support changing position for invisible tab indicator button
Support deleting location bar suggestions by right click(Privacy related)
Support closing tabs by right clicking tab list menu
Support closing video popup window by right clicking close button
Support detecting video elements in tumblr.com and twitch.tv
[Bug fixes]Cookies and saved passwords are lost after moving portable version to different computers
[Bug fixes]Browser crash when downloading files in a popup window
[Bug fixes]Browser crash when using Tab Extract extension
[Bug fixes]Potential crash after using boss key
[Bug fixes]Mouse gesture not work in device mode of developer tool
[Bug fixes]Overflow bookmarks button displaying incorrectly when auto hide bookmarks bar
[Bug fixes]Closed video popup window will be restored on browser startup
[Bug fixes]Youtube settings menu not shown on full screen page mode

v1.9.13.75 [2016-06-02]

Added an option to prevent AudioContext fingerprint
Added an option to save opening item to temporary directory
Refactored mouse gesture(now can be used in crashed page)
Download bubble supported accelerator(Ctrl+J)
[Bug fixes]Renderer crashes in some cases
[Bug fixes]Horizontal scroll bar appears in download bubble when page zoomed
[Bug fixes]Flicker when showing download bubble
[Bug fixes]Button text breaks line in download bubble
[Bug fixes]Download bubble has black border under windows classic theme

v1.9.12.65 [2016-05-24]

Upgraded to Chromium 50.0.2661.102
Added animation effect to fast save image tip window
Added download bubble window
Added accelerators(HOME/END/PGUP/PGDN) for multi-column menus
Improved performance of custom.css
Improved performance of browser exit
[Bug fixes]No suggestion list in new tab search box
[Bug fixes]Can't detect video elements on twitter/tumblr
[Bug fixes]Context menu may appear after mouse gesture
[Bug fixes]Potential crash in drag to download
[Bug fixes]Popup video window restored to the wrong browser
[Bug fixes]Column count od multi-column menus may be wrong in some boundary conditions
[Bug fixes]Potential deadlock while downloading multiple files at once
[Bug fixes]Can't login at battle.com.cn

v1.9.10.43 [2016-04-28]

Upgraded to Chromium 50.0.2661.87
Changed Super Drag to Drag Gesture
Added "Suggestion and Feedback" feature
Added "Open multiple items" in history page
Added an option to show bookmarks icon only
Added an option to show QR code button in location bar
Added ability to cast an unfinished download as complete file(for streaming media download)
Added an accelerator to save page as image(Alt+I)
Copy complete GIF image instead of one frame
Internationalised setup dialog interface
[Bug fixes]Potential crash if delete downloaded file twice
[Bug fixes]URL special characters not escaped in new tab search box
[Bug fixes]Find results goes incorrectly after find bar lost and regained focus
[Bug fixes]Youtube video control bar not in full page mode
[Bug fixes]Download target directory not recognized if its path contains DOT
[Bug fixes]Portable version may fail to upgrade itself in some cases

v1.8.9.28 [2016-03-23]

Upgraded to Chromium 49.0.2623.105
Upgraded to PepperFlash
Added Japanese translation
Disable scanning of downloaded files by default
[Bug fixes]potential crash when playing videos in some cases

v1.8.9.24 [2016-03-20]

Upgraded to Chromium 49.0.2623.102
Added safe mode to diagnose browser problem
Added options to customize new tab page thumbnails count
Added different images for new tab button
Added four actions to mouse gesture
Added support of startup command line
Added an option for new tab positioning
Right click AppMenu(WrenchMenu) to open setting page
Changed web page zoom step to 5%
[Bug fixes]potential crash when right click to close tab
[Bug fixes]Can't install crx when download option is "SaveAs"
[Bug fixes]Some attachment files can't be downloaded with external downloaders

v1.7.6.15 [2016-02-02]

Upgraded to Chromium 48.0.2564.97
Added support for IDM and EagleGet in download manager
Added an option to include default list only in context search menu
Added support of "iframe" for both video alone window and custom.css
Disabled tab auto reload & extension content verification
Beautified rectangle tab and setup dialog
Add back "Add to search engine" feature(removed from Chromium 47)
[Bug fixes]elements become unclickable after restoring video alone window
[Bug fixes]Size label overlaps file name control in download manager dialog
[Bug fixes]Potential crash when using built-in download manager with thunder extension
[Bug fixes]File name not correct for fast save image in some cases
[Bug fixes]Can't update widevine dll automatically in chrome://components

v1.6.10.21 [2016-01-12]

Upgraded to Chromium 47.0.2526.106
Execute "PasteAndGo" when right click the new tab button
Added "Switch to last visited tab" feature(Alt+Z)
Added animation effect for "auto hide bookmark bar"
Added "Fast Save Image"(Alt+LeftClick or Alt+RightClick)
Added "Play video in an alone window"(hold on Ctrl/Shift/Alt to close video window directly)
Added built-in download manager
Added support for custom.css(default under User Data directory)
Added "BossKey" to mouse gesture actions
Added an option to disable auto detecting search engines
Changed application and toolbar icons
[Bug fixes]Cache directory path not encoded correctly for non-English locale
[Bug fixes]Browser crash when press Shift and left click on the new tab button in an incognito window
[Bug fixes]Select file dialog cannot show in a multilogin(private) tab
[Bug fixes]Some tabs may forget its parent tab unexpectedly
[Bug fixes]"New foreground/background tab"(hyperlink option) may open an empty tab
[Bug fixes]IE can't be launched in some case

v1.5.13.33 [2015-11-24]

Added "use custom background color for web pages"
Added "Restart browser" to mouse gesture actions
Removed "Open IE"
[Bug fixes]Some shortcuts(Ctrl+R, Ctrl+F4, etc) are invalid
[Bug fixes]New tab page crashes after changing customized URL
[Bug fixes]Context menu may not appear on pinned tabs when using right click to close tab
[Bug fixes]New tab may not be used prior when "Insert a new tab when closing the last tab"

v1.5.11.28 [2015-11-19]

Upgraded to Chromium 46.0.2490.86
Added accelerators customization
Added support of loading outdated plugins
Added restoring closed tab in background tab
Added "bookmark this page to folder"
Added opening current page with IE
[Bug fixes]Leaves white area after hiding browser with boss key
[Bug fixes]Incognito window icon not shown when disabled "Show avatar button"
[Bug fixes]The items at bottom of multiple column menus not shown properly
[Bug fixes]Search By Image extension can't show its context menu in Cent Browser

v1.5.7.18 [2015-10-26]

Upgraded to Chromium 46.0.2490.80
Added rectangle tab shape
Added multi-login tab
Added bookmarks side bar
Added an option for skipping certificate error
Added an option for hiding avatar menu
Added signature verification for installer on auto update
Added "always on top" for browser window
Changed bounds of multiple column bookmarks menu to align with bookmark buttons
Added pt-BR language translation
[Bug fixes]Updater not killed during uninstall may result in incorrect reinstall
[Bug fixes]Mouse wheel doesn't function in mouse gesture under Windows 10
[Bug fixes]Boss key won't hide status bubble

v1.4.0.2 [2015-09-22]

Added mouse hovering tab to activate
Added saving web page to image
Added vertical bookmarks menu on left side
Added options for autoscrolling and fullscreen warning
Added option for location bar auto suggestion items
Added replace bookmark item with current URL
Added language translations for RU DE FR PL
Added "Background tab for new tab"
Added contributors list page chrome://contributors
Merged some patches from Chromium 45
Change mouse gesture window position by keyboard(W A S D)
Do not show indicator buttons when tab bar not overflowed
[Bug fixes]Task bar shortcut become invalid after upgrade
[Bug fixes]Two mouse gesture action do not function correctly
[Bug fixes]Disable-direct-write-for-ui flag does not take effect
[Bug fixes]Search box overlaps most visited items in some screens
[Bug fixes]Potential crash of "Delete from disk" in download manage page
[Bug fixes]Widevine CDM adapter dll not included

v1.3.19.45 [2015-08-27]

Upgraded to Chromium 44.0.2403.157
Renamed executable to chrome.exe for third-party compatibility
Display bookmark menu in multiple columns(scroll columns with moue wheel)
Prevent web page flicker when auto hide bookmarks bar
Added tab options for opening hyperlink, search result and super drag
Added options for selecting last visited and parent tab when closing current tab
Added "Save as PDF"
Added some features of Tab Mix Plus(when middle click tab bar empty area)
Added "copy link" and "delete from disk" for download items
Added "open in new tab" for frame elements
Added "Disable DirectWrite for UI" to chrome://flags
Added support for Widevine CDM
Disable battery API for privacy protection
[Bug fixes]Boss key can't be set to the same value as current
[Bug fixes]Self-extractor installer doesn't support paths containing blank characters
[Bug fixes]Can't work with Google data reduction server
[Bug fixes]New tab page auto redirect to LocalNTP when launch browser for the first time
[Bug fixes]New selected tab won't scroll into visible area in some cases
[Bug fixes]Browsing data not completely cleared on exit
[Bug fixes]Super drag shows prohibition icon

v1.3.7.17(Portable) [2015-08-03]

[Bug fixes]Portable version can't start with external links after set as default browser

v1.3.7.16 [2015-07-31]

Upgraded to Chromium 44.0.2403.125
Added independent update channel for Flash Player
Added an option for opening typed URL in address bar
Added an option to show bookmarks button on toolbar
Added an option to hide embedded bookmarks in new tab page
Added two mouse gesture actions(Left Click and Middle Click)
Refactored implementation of portable version
Right click to cancel super drag
[Bug fixes]No listening button on Google Translate
[Bug fixes]Hot key can't be revoked in some cases
[Bug fixes]Bookmarks bar context menu item "Show bookmarks bar" doesn't function
[Bug fixes]RoboForm extension can't communicate with its host executable

v1.2.13.10 [2015-07-17]

Upgraded to Chromium 43.0.2357.134
Added context menu to restore button
Added an option for opening bookmark link
Disable location bar auto suggestion by option(Option)
Improved auto memory optimization
Automatically load IDM extension
Portable version refactored(self-extractor and auto upgrade)
[Bug fixes]A new tab is opened after closing popup window
[Bug fixes]Flash version not detected by file version(Chromium bug)
[Bug fixes]Tab bar does not repaint when browser window restored from minimized state by external link

v1.2.6.19 [2015-07-02]

Based on Chromium 43.0.2357.130
Added lazy session loading
Added automatic memory optimization
Added clear browsing data on exit
Added an option for closing last tab behavior
Added several privacy related options
Added progress bar to installer
[Bug fixes]Context menu can be shown in installer client area
[Bug fixes]Tab bar does not scroll when open new background tab

v1.1.7.30 [2015-06-15]

Based on Chromium 42.0.2311.152
Added indicator button for invisible tabs
Added new tab page customization
Added QR code generator
Added multiple search engine items to context menu
Added copy link text
Turn on Tab Audio Muting flag by default
[Bug fixes]Fixed crash when minimizing browser window under Windows classic theme
[Bug fixes]Bookmark bar initial display state incorrect
[Bug fixes]Boss key can accept extended ASCII code
[Bug fixes]New Tab button covers rightmost tabs
[Bug fixes]Registry GUID conflicts with Chromium

v1.0.0.1 [2015-02-12]

First release version
Based on Chromium 35.0.1916.153