What's the difference between Cent Browser and Google Chrome?

Cent Browser and Google Chrome are both based on the prominent open source project Chromium.The two added their own features to Chromium.To see how Google Chrome different from Chromium, you can refer to Chromium#Differences_from_Google_Chrome.Cent Browser's additional features are listed on our website home page.Please remember we always add features to Chromium and never remove features from it except bugs.

How will I benefit from using Cent Browser?

Our product has abundant features and we are developing more innovative features.These features either can increase the ease of use or save your time and computer memory.Be aware that web browser's built-in features are more stable and efficient than extensions.

How does Scrollable Tab Bar work?

When the "Minimum tab width" option is checked, Cent Browser's tab bar will behavior like Firefox tab bar.You can scroll entire tab bar using mouse wheel to locate the tab you looking for.If you checked "Switch tabs by scrolling mouse wheel in the tab bar" at the same time, then tab bar scrolling is prior to tab switching.This means tab will not be switched until tab bar scrolled to the leftmost or rightmost.

What is Single Renderer Process?

The "single renderer process" feature is aimed to reduce memory consumption by limiting renderer process count.Renderer processes are responsible for analyzing and drawing web pages under a secure mechanism called Sandbox.Generally each tab creates its own renderer process.For further information, please refer to Chromium Multi-process Architecture.If this feature is enabled, all tabs share one renderer process(in fact there may still be multiple pre-render processes), so the memory consumption is reduced.This feature can help you to reduce up to 50% of memory consumption. Unfortunately this feature has side effect, it will cause all tab pages crashed if one tab page run into problem.In the end I have to tell you the command-line "-single-process" is unsafe and deprecated, you shouldn't use it anymore.

How does Cent Browser protect my privacy?

Cent Browser has the same privacy policies with Google Chrome.Your privacy is the thing we value most.

How to use QR Code Generator.

Click "Generate QR code" in the tab context menu.This function works totally offline.Unlike other browsers and extensions using the url of the current web page, Cent Browser generates QR code directly using the text in the location bar.In most cases the two are identical, unless you changed the text in the location bar manually.

Lazy session loading.

This is a famous feature that Firefox and Opera have for years, but lacked in Chromium all the time.Now we bring it for our users.This feature is extremely helpful for RAM saving purpose.There will be no more lag on browser startup!

Pinned Tabs improvement.

Pinned Tabs can't be closed by close tab shortcut(Ctrl+W), mouse gesture and double/right click.You can close it by Ctrl+F4 or tab context menu.This feature is to prevent closing Pinned Tabs accidentally.