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Сделайте вертикальную панель Избранного.
Посмотрите на SlimJet -- у него 2 панели Избранного: постоянная, которая не исчезает, если мышка случайно соскакивает на соседнюю строку -- для медленного чтения Избранного. И быстрая скоростная панель для быстрой работы, которая работает по принципу верхней горизонтальной панели Избранного.
Идеальный вариант иметь две панели Избранного.

Если Избранное состоит из многих папок, которые не влазят под строкой адреса (и оставшиеся папки все равно приобретают вертикальный вид), и если монитор имеет вертикальное разрешение в 2304 px , то горизонтальные панели нам просто не нужны. Их не хватает при любом разрешении монитора.

[Image: 0_10840c_2585588f_orig.png]


[Image: 0_10840d_c1c4c440_orig.png]

У нас есть закладки " на панели инструментов.Вы можете пойти в настройки, чтобы включить его.
Его выпадающих меню очень похожи на вертикальные панели закладок и может отображаться в несколько столбцов.
I agree. upper stap may replace panel on picture №2.
need panel, which is visible on the screen constantly. Thanks
It is an interesting feature.But what is the difference between a side bar panel and a drop down bookmark menu?Is it acceptable of adding a mouse gesture to open bookmark menu, or auto display bookmark menu when mouse is near a bookmark folder?
let us confine ourselves to a permanent panel. It should only be vertical. Let's say I have 900 bookmarks in 30 folders. Even half of them will not fit under the address bar. Sometimes it is easier to work when she is constantly before eyes.
We will consider your suggestion seriously.Currently you can use the bookmark button on the toolbar.("Settings"->"Appearance"->"Show bookmarks button")
Bookmarks menu is displayed in multiple columns up to 2/3 of entire screen width.And you can scroll columns by mouse wheel.If you set "Open bookmarks in" to "New background tab", the bookmark menu will not close after clicking.
I set "Open bookmarks in" to "New background tab", the bookmark menu closed after clicking.

When I climbed into fifth subfolder, then I want to see all that there is, and open tabs within it at a time until I find the right one.
Because users may not always immediately remember what they are looking for favorites by the title. I can't always use the star.
But it is also necessary to quickly Favorites panel, which we use to call the bookmarks which are not to be finded. The user knows their place and leave the Favorites panel it is not necessary.
But in the modern view of the bookmarks bar closes of the page, this scheme is only suitable for the quick Favorites panel.
It seems to me perfectly to make permanent Favorites panel on the left, and add the hairpin, to pin up it.
Then it will be ONE Favorites panel to suit every taste . Nothing new, but very useful.
Thanks for your kindly suggestion.As the vertical bookmarks bar has a certain amount of work, we will implement it when we have time.
in the view of modern-day 'floating' panel is limited - no more than the height of the one monitor.
If you make the vertical Favorites pane part of the window, all its height will be available to owners of the two monitors 24 a total height of 1152 * 2 = 2304 pixels. Now it is not so expensive, and available to many users of Cent Browser .
нам нужна только постоянная панель Избранного ! we need only permanent left bar of Favorite !

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