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old preferences file
i am using centbrowser (Official Build) (64-bit) (portable) based on Chromium 80.0.3987.163. i had many extensions and customized settings. one day, for some reason which i dont know, my avast AV deleted my PREFERENCES file (because it thought that it was infected). and hence all my extensions and settings got deleted. is there a possibility of getting them back? does cent store a backup file of preferences files anywhere? thanks in advance.
If there is a backup, it should be named "Preferences.bak" under "User Data\Default".
But generally the browser can't make this backup if the preferences file was deleted by third-party software.
Another way is syncing it back via Google account sync.
I suggest whitelisting the whole "User Data" directory in your anti-virus settings.
Those files are just text or resource files, they can't be executed even if they are infected.
thank you very much. but i cant find the BAK file. i guess the backup had not been made. unfortunately i dont use google sync. i guess i would have to rebuild. next time i will whitelist the folder like you have advised. thanks a lot.

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