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Fix Cent Browser - Managed by your organization
Hi All again

I have installed on my PC (Cent Browser, Google Chrome, UC Browser,Torch Browser)
My prefer browser is Cent Browser (4.7 Stars)

but the only problem with my Cent Browser is the message at the bottom of menu (Managed by your organization - See screenshot)
Iam not member of organization and I have used batch file to remove google policy but the message is still appear

I Know this is a new google policy used in recent version of it so it will include all chromium based browser 
but the problem is only Cent Browser show this message while Google Chrome, UC Browser,Torch Browser are not showing this message.

So I want to remove this policy from Cent Browser
or I suggest to remove this policy in newer version of Cent Browser because I don't want to leave the Cent Browser as a result of this problem.

Thanks So much

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(05-01-2020, 06:18 PM)Дмитрий Сакович Wrote:

Thanks bro for your replying
the batch file (reset_policies) from Cent browser forum is working 100%

but the problem the message (Managed by your organization) appear every time after restarting browser or restarting the PC
Which mean
It require every time to run batch file of (reset_policies) before running the Cent browser in order to work 100%

So is there any fix to this problem?

i guess you must be using lastpass or a similar extension?

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