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Cent Browser Windows) Released
New version with some interesting features.

1.Upgraded to Chromium 46.0.2490.86
2.Added accelerators customization
3.Added support of loading outdated plugins
4.Added restoring closed tab in background tab
5.Added "bookmark this page to folder"
6.Added opening current page with IE

(pin_to_taskbar.exe in the portable version is for solving task bar icon not overlapping problem)

32-bit installer       32-bit portable
64-bit installer       64-bit portable
amazing! thank you Smile
(11-19-2015, 06:22 AM)reactor Wrote: amazing! thank you Smile

You are the first again. Biggrin
my default web browser Biggrin

clean, secure, fast and comfortable... it's amazing!
yeah , me too. It's amazing, and now i don't use 360 browser and slimjet. Hope u add some interesting and useful features in future. Sorry for my bad english ^^ Thanks admin
+1 Biggrin
It is also my default browser, a pity that not so popular.
My default browser too. Nice update, congratulations for great work, brother.

Published in MalwareTips, as always.

Update occurred in the background perfectly.

Thank you.

Edit: I also sent an email to the Baixaki site so they update the download version, I also left a comment on the page that will soon be displayed.
Windows 10 / Avira Antivirus Pro / Malwarebytes Free / CentBrowser (µBlock, HTTPS-Everywhere)

Good job.Thanks.
Thank you all, and suggestions are always welcomed. Shy

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