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Question about right click on new tab button

Not sure what was intended to be the function, but seems like right clicking on new tab button on tab bar with mouse either does a search engine search on what you have copied OR opens the text copied is a valid URL/link/folder that cent can open

Also it seems like if you clear clipboard or you clear history/restore closed tab button history, sometimes the right click function goes away, sometimes it is still working.

Is there a cent setting to change the behavior of cent when you right click on the new tab button? 

Would like it to do one of the following:
1. same behavior as official google chrome does
2. use the 'reopen closed tab' function (same function as that found in right click menu on a tab does or the Ctrl+Shift+T)
3. open a new multilogin tab

And another thought: sometimes you just want to right click on the tab bar (outside of the tab) and use the menu but if your mouse on the new tab button, it does something else instead which is not expected (hence behavior 1 listed above).

Thank you
For now "right click on the new tab button" searches the text or opens the link in the clipboard.
If you want change, we need to add another option to control it.
And you can press SHIFT to avoid this feature.

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