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stop disable block Sign In Requests?
When I visit websites, like pinterest, or whoever i get a popup prompt to "sign in to with google". How do I block this prompt from appearing? Is this something that can be controlled with CenBrowser or might you recommend using a uBlock filter or even tampermonkey script?

Ideas? Tips? Anything is appreciated, thanks for advise.

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Hi "Webmaster",

From what you write, it appears that you are using the uBlock Origin extension; Do one of the following:

* While on the site page, click the uBlock icon in the toolbar and click the icon (</>) in the bottom right corner of the uBlock window! (Thus, this site will no longer run JavaScript) Then refresh the page!

  (If you apply this to, the page no longer appears completely; therefore, take the following action instead!)

* Right-click the unwanted popup window and click "Block element ..." in the drop-down list!

   a) If the popup window appears fully selected, press the "Create" button in the uBlock management window at the bottom right;

   b) If the currently selected area appears small, click the second top-ranked filter in the uBlock management window! (The selected area will grow slightly)

        - If the selected area is sufficient (you can also check this by pressing the "Preview" button in the management window), press the "Create" button!

        - If the selected area is still not enough, click the 3rd filter from the top and continue!

NOTE 1) If the selected area cannot be seen because it is behind the uBlock management window, click on a blank area of the page and close the management window temporarily!

          2) "" does not have any problems; If it looks problematic in your browser, open the uBlock options window, expand the filters, and select all!
Thanks to taba.
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