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Device Enumeration and NaCl plugin
I don’t know if there is a direct relationship with "Portable Native Client (PNaCl)"  chrome://nacl/   and  "Device Enumeration".

In old chrome version disable at chrome://plugins/ "PNaCl plugin" give at test page 
no one "Media Devices" (and deviceId). 

In new chrome this chrome://plugins/ dont work and "PNaCl" cant disable (chrome://nacl/ and at leaks test deviceID) even delete files nacl64.exe and 2 others

Is it possible to see no "Device Enumeration" now?
Do you actually want to disable WebRTC?
There is an option "Disable WebRTC" in chrome://settings/privacy
Native client can be disabled by deleting nacl64.exe and some other files, no matter what is shown on chrome://nacl/
I disable all audio and webrtc. But on site "Device Enumeration" shown some id that was not shown in old versions.

Id is different in each brouser exe
Don't worry, "Device Enumeration" is only related to JavaScript methods.
It doesn't mean you can be tracked by WebRTC.
As long as "RTCPeerConnection" or "RTCDataChannel" is disabled, nothing can be leaked.

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