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Extension doesn't work
My Kaspersky password manager extension doesnt work properly.
It gets installed, but I cant login and get it to work.
It says that password is incorrect. Although same extension works fine in Chrome.
Yes the extension does not work with Cent. With this problem you need to contact Kaspersky support, they should add Cent to the list of supported browsers. I will say in advance that it was useless, they only promise and do nothing in this direction.

I can advise you to use tools that can be used as you like, the user. Enpass is an example. It is free application and allows you to store your password database both locally and in the cloud, Enpass extension work with any browser of your choice. Edge, Firefox and Firefox based, Chrome and Chromium based. How convenient for you and not for Kaspersky.
uber procrastinator 
Probably because of browser verification.
You may try KeePass:

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