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Long delay on download sometimes
I have been having this problem ever since the newest version of the browser. I wanted to give it some time before making a thread to try and make sure it wasn't because of my connection or something on my computer. I have been disabling my antivirus disabled to make sure it was not that.

Anyway, every so often, an incoming download will take about 10-15 seconds to start. This only seems to happen if I have not downloaded anything recently (e.g. no download started in the past hour). Normally I would suspect a cache speed issue, but last week I upgraded my system drive to a M.2 SSD, and that did not stop this from happening.

I do not think it is a connection issue either, because this will even happen on downloads started with extensions, such as tools that take screenshots of the web page you're looking at.

Strangely, if I start a second download on the same file while waiting for the first one, it will start instantly. The filename of the second download will have a (1) at the end. I think this means the first download is actually stalled in the background with the original filename reserved, but has yet to pop up.
Thanks for your detailed testing.
Please try changing "chrome://flags/#network-service" to "Disabled".
If you are using 64-bit browser, please change for 32-bit.

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