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Request: shortcut to focus address bar
I requested this on my very first post in the forum almost 3 years ago, so wondering if there's any hope to add a shortcut for focusing on the address bar.  I don't like the default ones (i.e. F6, Ctrl + L, or Alt + D).  I prefer my own key (`) since it's conveniently a key I never use and it's by my left hand (I'm a right-handed mouse user), making it very fast to reach versus using the mouse to reach all the way up there as it's a field constantly used by all users.
If there is a text control on the web page, and you need to input "`", what to do?
I haven't encountered any need for this key in my computing experience, but which shortcut key I prefer is my own. That's why I'd like a new shortcut key to be added as an option for this action so that it's up to the user to assign what they want.
OK, we can add this command to the customizable shortcut list.
But what about using "Ctrl+`" instead of "`", because shortcut needs a control key(Ctrl/Shift/Alt).
Is it not possible for a shortcut to work without a control key like from other browser like Opera? If not possible, then I'd rather not add a shortcut at all.
OK, we will check Opera and considering learning from it.

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