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How can we add our own default search engine ?
How can we add our own default search engine as such we have to use Yandex or Baidu search as default search engine ?
You can add engines in "Other search engines", and set it as default.
If you want to add more than one engines to default list, you may need to edit "Web Data" via "DB Browser for SQLite".
get it, great!
I have DB Browser for SQLite in hand, so how to edit web data is it in \User Data\Default\databases\Databases.db ?
No, yo should edit the file "User Data\Default\Web Data", search engines are in "keywords" table.
Which one must be edited to be what:

id, short_name, keyword, favicon_url, url, safe_for_autoreplace, originating_url, date_created, usage_count, input_encodings, suggest_url, prepopulate_id, created_by_policy, last_modified, sync_guid, alternate_urls, image_url, search_url_post_params, suggest_url_post_params, image_url_post_params, new_tab_url, last_visited

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