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  • 5 native html5 player is the terrible recent version again
Thought I had the up-to-date stable release, and was pretty happy with it. Then all of a sudden, some extra update comes which screwed up the native html5 player, which kinda sucks.
maybe you should give us a test case/url?
They'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the native html5 player, which is used whenever a site serves up a video without a custom html5 player specified. Chromium used to have a very simple, resource-friendly native html5 player, but switched to one with all kinds of unnecessary buffering/loading animations, plus the same type of animations in the timeline anytime you seek. Cent has wisely kept the simplified native player, but the last update broke that.

Reverting to was not as simple as I anticipated. I had both and folders, so I thought it was as simple as switching to old_chrome.exe, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Ended up making a new portable install and copying all my user data and side-loaded extensions over to it, then quickly disabling automatic updates. Won't leave that enabled anymore. I stay on top of updates anyway, and I don't wanna be surprised by some random update again.
However most users prefer the new H5 player because it has bigger button.
And Chromium is preparing to remove the old one.
I'm not the only one who hates it:

Not only are the animations ridiculous, since you're adding CPU intensive tasks on top of play/seeking a video, which is already resource intensive, but the player itself is fugly IMO. Could you improve some of these defects, or at least provide deeper hooks for the custom.css feature, so we can affect the shadow DOM and fix it ourselves? The latter would actually be preferable to me.

Edit: Alright, I went back to inspect the new player, and it's not quite as bad as when they first introduced it. I have avoided it like the plague ever since, but they seem to have removed the stupid animations from the timeline/progress bar, so that's a huge improvement. That loading/buffering animation is still the worst though. Not only is it using unnecessary CPU, but it seems to randomly get stuck, so it remains visible even as the video is playing.

Why would anybody want a buffing animation on top of a video that's playing fine? The loading pseudo element has an ::-internal prefix, so it's off limits to user styling like you can with ::-webkit. If you could provide any type of way of getting rid of the loading/buffering animation, the player wouldn't be half bad. God, I hope you can, because that would seriously drive me up the wall every time it gets stuck.

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