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[Bug?] The settings page opens slowly when accessibility is enabled
Steps to reproduce:

1a. Start the browser with the --force-renderer-accessibility command line argument
1b. Start the browser norlmally and open chrome://accessibility and enable the "Native accessibility API support" and "Web accessibility" checkboxes

(What for? - Some applications use the IAccessible API to obtain the URL and other information. This API is supported by various browsers, but it is disabled by default in the Chromium, starting with the version 69.)

2. Open the settings page: chrome://settings
Or try to clear the browsing data (via Ctrl+Shift+Del)

Notice, that the page opens pretty slowly.

For comparison, the version of the Cent Browser did't have this problem.
This is an old issue.
Seems ""renderer accessibility" feature can't work smoothly with <settings-dropdown-menu> element.
However our settings page contains too many <settings-dropdown-menu> element.
In some version it even results in crashes.

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