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Translate English into Portuguese/pt-BR
(03-18-2017, 04:25 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: Some new strings need to translate, thank you.

Show bookmarks menu
Mostrar menu de favoritos

Paste on middle click[Paste the text in clipboard when middle click on a text element]
Colar no clique do meio

Video recording[A new feature in plan to record live stream]
Gravação de vídeo

Default directory for video recording:
Diretório padrão para gravação de vídeo

Start recording video
Iniciar gravação de vídeo

Pause recording video
Pausar gravação de vídeo

Stop recording video
Parar gravação de vídeo

Continue recording after video autoplay
Continuar gravação após reprodução automática de vídeo

Select default directory for video recording
Selecione o diretório padrão para gravação de vídeo


Oy mate, a sugestion, how about a VPN browsing option?
And some flash gaming options like the old CoolWon?
Sorry for late translation Smile
Thank you ,MadSnake.
For VPN browsing, you can lookup extensions in Chrome web store. Many are usable. You may check this one(
Flash gaming option, do you mean speed acceleration? We will have some research.
Some new strings need to translate, thank you.

Enable suggestions in the address bar

Copy selected text to clipboard automatically

Reset this dial["dial" means the items in Most Popular page]

Reset all dials

Reload thumbnail

Confirm reseting dial

Are you sure to reset this dial to

Are you sure to reset all dials?

Show screenshot button

Left click to capture normally.

Right click to hide the browser window and capture.

Open recommended page[Can translate as "Open recommended URL"]

Once a day

Every time

Show tab bar at the bottom of browser window

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