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Slim (secure) CentBrowser
What do you think about making a slim version of CentBrowser from time to time?
I mean to throw away unnecessary things like mouse gestures, super drag, fast image safe, tip for playing video... (Personally, I do not use it at all.)

Elements that could stay are those that increase security. Like disabled login to google.

I came across this idea after one script stopped working because of mouse gestures in this browser. link

If you think my idea is bad, then just put it in the trash.

I think the most important feature of Chromium browsers is built-in mouse gesture.
If we throw away all these feature, then this browser has zero value.
That script does things in wrong way, generally javascript should never interfere with right mouse button because it breaks context menu.
We won't solve the issue because we must keep mouse gesture on highest priority(than any script).
Centbrowser is Centbrowser because of ALL its features, not only because of its privacy settings.

Removing all the (great) features of CB will not make it more secure or lighter. You should keep in mind that the faulty one is the script, not CB.
No offense, but this request feels like : "I don't drive, please remove all roads !"

ps : you say you don't use mouse gesture...but you're using StrokeIt   Blush
From my point of view, having NATIVE features is much better/lighter than using third party programs
I like Cent Browser the way it is at the moment. But over time it becomes more and more bloated. I hope CB will not become the second SlimJet version.

@badablek, I can use five or more browsers at the same time (and others programs) and use one gesture program - StrokeIt Smile
We also thought of make a slim version, but it would be another browser not a lite version of this browser.
If we decide to do that, we will remove many features from Chromium and add only mouse gesture.

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