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Color/text tabs seetings
i'm not really sure if it should be in Wishes or Extentions, so i posted here. 
i'm one of users using extesive memory featires of Cent, specifically tabs unload/lazy load. that is very useful and practical but often brings me to situation i can't understand what tabs were already loaded and which are not. this includes both: when i started browser and all tabs are "sleeping", and when i opened lots of tabs in back but didn't click most of them yet = in each situation tabs don't use memory.
so basically what i'd wish to have is a way to color set tabs. like for changing color/style at least of text or even tab header in cases like tab not loaded, tab loaded but not clicked, tab loaded and clicked. i'm not really hoping for dev team to add this, but wish to hear their thoughts. yet maybe smb knows good extention for this?
You can use "tab list menu" feature(click the triangle button at end of tab bar).
Middle clicking a menu item is to unload it, right clicking to close tab.
And unloaded tabs are shown in italic font.
thanks for a good tip!
still i hope smb can advice some extention. for example Firefox has Tab Mix Plus that provides total control over tabs visual by conditions.
Maybe you can try these two:
thanks again for a tip but this time it's a total miss. i'm not looking for better memory management, Cent already has it on good level, i'm stuck with visuals.
for example here is a screenshot of few tabs just after i started browser, till i click them none is loaded in memory. so here is a situation: i already clicked one or two - can you clarify which are loaded, which were opened in back(via middle-click/so not viewed yet), and which are not loaded at all?
me not, but i'd wish to have a way.

add:: as i understood from different places there is no way to change color of tabs(by extentions for sure not, maybe devs have some ways).
so i wanna ask if it's possible to add feature for setting font and its color for these 3 states of tabs? 3 settings for "current tab", "not loaded tab", "loaded but not viewed".

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We had tried different colors for different tab states, but it looks quite ugly.
Another thing we have to concern is that should we still respect tab background images set in theme configuration file if we need to apply different colors?
So maybe we can use italic font style for unloaded tabs, it may looks better.
Tab colors can't be set directly in themes, but can be changed by background images.For example:
how about leaving colours as is and making magic only with text? this way themes won't be touched at all. 3 options are needed: 
Quote:Current tab        :: font :: style :: color
Not loaded tab   :: font :: style :: color
Not viewed tab   :: font :: style :: color
+ simple example how results may look like

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Yes, thanks for the better idea.
But I think we shouldn't change font to specified color, because themes may also use that color.
Italic and bold style can be used freely.
yep, themes may use colors but user will set them by himself so where is trouble? by default this option may be set to off(all 3 of them) and with activation i think user ought to understand what he's doing so capable to set colors with no conflict to his theme.

or if you want to present this feature to wide number of users with less trouble(so option turned on by default), just set styles and set no color, but at least give geek-users an ability to change all these to their liking.
can we consider using underlined text as well?

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