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New user

 I had never heard of this browser until tonight, so decided to give it a try, and I must say I like it... it actually seems faster to me than Chrome... Smile 

 Now a question if anyone can help... 

 I used the main "download" button on the website home page and this downloaded and installed the 32 bit version even though my notebook is a 64 bit .. I then noticed that there was a 64 bit version so I downloaded this and installed, but it did nothing, went through the install phase OK but that was it, I still can only see the 32 bit version Sad 

 Do I need to uninstall the 32 bit and then install the 64 bit?

 Look forward to using this browser. 

(11-06-2019, 09:09 PM)stuarttunstall Wrote: Привет, delete 32 bit and install 64

 я никогда не слышал об этом браузере до сегодняшнего вечера , поэтому решил попробовать его, и я должен сказать, что он мне нравится ... он на самом деле кажется мне быстрее, чем Chrome ... Smile 

 Теперь вопрос, может ли кто-нибудь помочь .. . 

 Я использовал главную кнопку «скачать» на главной странице сайта , и это скачать и установить 32 битную версию , даже если мой ноутбук 64 бит .. Я тогда заметил , что там была 64 - битная версия , так что я скачал это и установил, но он ничего не сделал, прошел этап установки ОК, но это все, я все еще вижу только 32-битную версию. Sad 

 Нужно ли удалить 32-битную версию, а затем установить 64-битную?

 С нетерпением ждем использования этого браузера. 

Привет,  удали 32 бита и установи 64

Привет, delete 32 bit and install 64
Hi "stuarttunstall",

It is not surprising that your first impressions of Cent Browser are positive; because Cent Browser is currently the best quality of Chromium-based browsers (in terms of user security, functionality, stability and speed, etc.). This has been the case since the day it was first produced.

The worst event on Chromium-based browsers now is this: If you back up all extensions and personal settings that you have installed in this type of browser, and you want to move them to the same browser on another computer or the same browser on the same computer as the operating system you reinstalled, the "User Data" directory you previously backed up it will never work; all your personal settings will be reset immediately and your extensions will be deleted.

In order to avoid this negativity that occurs on Chromium-based browsers a few years ago, you must first acquire a Google account and synchronize your browser online. There is only one browser that does not agree with this immoral coercion by Google: Cent Browser.

However, every good thing has a lack, a mistake; for example, although the classic and portable versions of Cent Browser are produced separately in both 32 and 64 bits, the developer still thinks:

- If people who are not satisfied with the browser they use want to try Cent Browser, all of them are both novice and their computers are 32 bit architecture;

- Therefore, we should not explicitly show the download link of our 64-bit browser on the first page, so that all novice visitors who want to try it cannot easily find and download it;

- Thus, our visitors will not try to accidentally install our 64-bit browser on their 32-bit architecture computer, and they will not see the result fail and accuse our browser by mistake.

In short, the developer of Cent knows how to produce quality browsers; but he never knows what kind of users would want to use it more. However, novice users will continue to use it even if they are not satisfied with Google Chrome; only non-novice users will look for new browsers.

As for your question: Click the "History" tab on the Cent Browser site home page; Don't think, "This tab can only contain past versions!" All versions are there; Download and install 64 bits!

In the meantime, some forum members think, "The more frequently a web browser is updated, the better quality it is" and constantly complains: "We want an updated version"; Disregard!

Thank you for the replies and information, I will delete the 32 bit and install the 64 bit version Smile

Does anyone know when it will be updated to Chromium 78?

I have asked in the release forum Wink

nobody knows, it's a mystery Biggrin

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