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NPAPI Support?
NPAPI is now completely removed from official Chromium.  The flag or command-line switch to enable it no longer works.  However, there is no technical reason why source ports of Chromium like CentBrowser couldn't continue to support NPAPI plug-ins as the source code for NPAPI support is still available.  Therefore my question is will CentBrowser support NPAPI?

(08-08-2015, 12:17 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: Don't be frustrated, porting from NPAPI to NativeMessagingHost(the new mechanism) is not so difficult for the plugin providers.

It is difficult enough that many major plug-in providers like Unity have not migrated and have no plans to do it.  And, even if Unity ported its plug-in, it would do nothing to run the tens of thousands of web-based games which have already been released and rely on the NPAPI plug-in.

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