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random crashes, now won't open
Cent has been crashing randomly for a few weeks - it turned black and hanged, or else close without warning. On reopening it always restored tabs successfully so I just lived with it, as it was occasional.

This became more frequent in the last few days, then it was happening within seconds of opening. Since yesterday, it won't open at all - seems to begin to open but no window appears.

First thing I tried was checking it was up to date. Despite having it set to update automatically, and checking for updates from Settings found I was up to date already, I did find a newer version* on the website Confused which I installed. Since then I can't use Cent at all, though this problem was already happening - and getting worse - before I updated.
* From memory, I was running either v4.0.9.102 or v4.0.9.112 and upgraded to v4.1.7.182. Obviously without opening Cent I can't be sure.

I ran Disk Clean-up and then CCleaner as thoroughly as I can, but after a cold reboot no joy. I can't remember how to open the browser with extensions disabled, or I'd have tried that in order to check each extension one at at time.

If it isn't one of the extensions crashing, I had more tabs open than ever before - over 200. From searching online, maybe this is the trigger? I use The Great Suspender extension which is great, but makes it possible for me to collect too many tabs sitting there. Wink I keep all tabs suspended except the one or few I'm working in at any one time.

I can't find anyone talking about anything like this more recently than a couple of years ago.

Obviously I'm going to quit using Cent from now on - but before I uninstall it, I need to see those open tabs, to list what I was halfway through. Help please!

PS. I also have the Tabs Outliner extension. Is it possible to open that window without running Cent itself? If so I could see my tabs listed - which is all I need. I don't care about getting Cent to run again after it's let me down like this.

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