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RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - corttex - 05-08-2018

In this beta, browser won't offer to save password in not secure sites.

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - CentBrowser - 05-08-2018

(05-08-2018, 01:43 PM)corttex Wrote: In this beta, browser won't offer to save password in not secure sites.

Can you post an URL for testing?
Here the password saving bubble is always shown.
It appears only if the document finished all network requests.
So sometimes it won't appear if one request is blocked.

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - ufuksarp - 05-08-2018

Where to download the latest portable beta? I want to see if it's any good with text rendering.

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - ClubMember - 05-08-2018

(05-08-2018, 03:12 PM)ufuksarp Wrote: Where to download the latest portable beta? I want to see if it's any good with text rendering.



RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - pureocean - 05-09-2018


Good build, like 3.3. Thank you.

But Font substitution still can't working with Custom.CSS. I'd wrote to here.


Once again, Chromium developers have removed a useful feature more: chrome://view-http-cache
More info: https://superuser.com/a/1319699

This URL was #1 my Bookmark-bar. Consequently, feel its absence. I know, there is chrome://net-internals/#dns but it don't display all visited URLs.
Beside DevTools's Network need reloads.
Currently the only solution is to use an external software: ChromeCacheView

Chromium developers don't listen to users.  I hope, bring back this internal page to Cent by you.

Thanks to all of you for all the efforts. May CentBrowser live long!

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - wOxxOm - 05-09-2018

Chrome 66 has a bug in web font rendering (for example, OpenSans Bold), which negatively affects lots of web sites, including Chrome WebStore. The Chromium team decided not to merge the fix in v66 because of their weird policy that only critical bugs get merged into a currently stable release. However, it seems the fix can be applied without much hassle so I suggest CentBrowser goes ahead and cherry-picks it.

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - user_99 - 05-10-2018

Thx for the latest beta. Looks quite good here...

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - Roderico - 05-10-2018

!!! YAY !!!
So, i found one little issue with animation slowdown in, but:
1) Issue may be in all browsers on chrome 66, not only in cb. I not check this yet.
2) Issue may be hard to reproduce.
Issue object = folder (with a lot of bookmarks, i see this with 99 bookmarks)  opening animation. Folder located on bookmark panel. Bookmark panel is always show.

RE: BETA version released_3.4.3.25 - ChromiumIQ - 05-10-2018

Why the bookmark "The Tab Falls" is necessary?

RE: BETA version released_3.3.2.15 - CentBrowser - 05-10-2018

(04-05-2018, 08:08 PM)pureocean Wrote: A issue (?) when talking about Custom.css.
It's possible substitutes to fonts with Custom.css.

But, this code can't work properly.

@font-face { font-family: 'Roboto'; src: local('Arial'); }

Only for once. Later, the Roboto font can't overrided to Arial.

Best solution is to delete Roboto from %windir%\fonts folder, but I use it except Cent.

P.S. : Another matter; I know, Custom.CSS dont't support to chrome://settings/ . I would also like to subtitude the Roboto font in Settings pages.

This is probably because injected style(custom.css) was override by the web page's own style/script.
For better experience, we inject style at an early point of document loading.
So any style/script after that can override the injected style.
Have you tested it with Stylus?