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Full Version: NanoAdblocker not working on incognito mode
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NanoAdblocker is not working on incognito mode.

Allow in incognito: check
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Cent Browser Build) (64 bit) (portable) (Chromium 78.0.3904.108)
Nano Adblocker
screen filter addons and others too, i think they have a rule to force disabillity of extension in incognito/multilogin mode...
On normal mode, NanoAdblocker is working.
ublock origin is same as NanoAdblocker.
ABP is working on normal mode and incognito mode.

What is a screen filter add-on for example?

This is flaw of our multi-login tabs.
To fix this issue, we need to fully redesign this feature.
Thank you for your response!
I understand.
Could you fix this issue in the near future?
Yes, we have plan to fix this.
I am looking forward to being fixed this.