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Full Version: Trouble with URL BAR
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After first install due to a lack of functions (Tab Hover) in Firefox and installing a similiar addon setup as in Mozilla i have a extremely small URL BAR with an unreadable Font Size - looks like size 9.

My Windows 10x64 1909 has all fonts set to 14, in Firefox 71 it appears well.
one of the Win settings affects the Url Bar as i know.
I cannot use Cent Browser this way - it is not readable on a ultra wide screen.
Any Suggestions?

I would love to see this Browser completely in dark mode. 
Try using the option "Ignore system DPI setting": chrome://settings/cbBrowsing
Thanks to Дмитрий Сакович.
And you may append
to "Other settings"->"Startup command line"
XXX is a float between 1.0 and 2.0