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Full Version: CACHE Folder in Portable Version
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I have a simple question about the Cache in PORTABLE Cent version:
Usually I clean cache from Settings > Clear browsing data > choosing Download history and Cached images and files only.
But it always takes a lot of time (5+ minutes) even if the cache is only about 200MB.
Which is the exact folder where only Download history and Cached images and files are located, so that I can manually delete them all without affecting any other files (browsing history, cookies, passwords, etc.)?
And is it the same if I delete them manually instead via Settings > Clear browsing data? Is it recommended a manual clean at all?
If you delete "Cache" files manually, some websites may display abnormally because the browser loads content from cache by default.
"History" file can be deleted without any side effect.
"History" file is located at "User Data\Default\History".
"Cache" files are located at "User Data\Default\Cache" directory.
But it is not normal to clear "History" and "Cache" for 5+ minutes.
Generally it should be finished in less than 10 seconds.