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Full Version: missed a context menu 'Search this image with google'
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Just updated to ver. 3.9, then I pointed mouse onto an image and tried for menu,  suddenly have missed a context menu row:

Search this image with google

it's same subject as  https://www.centbrowser.com/forum/showth...p?tid=2177

How to solve this in ver 3.9 ? I don't think I go for ver. 4.0 as like many else seen some issues there.
Hi! I use 4.0 but specifically downloaded 3.9 to check... Everything is in place, including a context menu row "Search Google for image".

[Image: Bezymyannyj21_cr.1562050154.png]
Do you have any specific extensions installed? I have an extension that changes the default search engine to yahoo in exchange for not having ads in yahoo mail and that removes the Search Google for image option for me. When I disable that, it is back again.
Yeah I strongly suspect those kinds of troublemaker / extension.. now struggling learning to find out in "User Data\Default\Preferences" json file, which line actually determine to firmedly shown this context-menu
I realized what was going on! If Google is assigned to search by default, the item "Search Google for image" is in the context menu. If you assign a different default search engine then there is no item.
How to solve "Search Google for image" is in the context menu whatever the defult engine is ?
Could you tell the developer? How to do workaround from user side by sqlite / json setting files such mentioned above?
(07-03-2019, 03:41 PM)Budi Wrote: [ -> ]How to solve "Search Google for image" is in the context menu whatever the defult engine is ?
You can install the extension Selection Context Search (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detai...p-launcher) as an option. It has extensive context menu settings.