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Full Version: Two Portable Cent with Different Usage Patterns, Yet Youtube Seems to Know
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I have two portable installs of Cent, each one using a different SOCKS proxy, each one used to visit mainly different sites, each one with uBlock Origin, and yet Youtube seems to correlate between the two.

More than once the Youtube's sidebar recommended a video in one browser that was fitting to the pattern of usage of the other browser. Really makes me wonder if Google has god-like AI. Obviously the explanation could be that Cent browser is leaking data from one browser to the other, but this is rather hard to investigate as a user.

Any other user has seem anything similar?
Your proxy server or WebRTC feature in the browser may have leaked your original IP.
So Youtube knows you are the same user.
Also websites can generate (relatively)unique ID for your hardware.
You may refer to https://browserleaks.com/
And check the options at bottom of chrome://settings/privacy