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Full Version: Syncing Issues!
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Hello, I downgraded to the previous version of centbrowser because I really dislike the new look of chrome and for some reason, I have to now log into my google account every time I open centbrowser because apparently my account is now synced with the new version which isn't compatible with the old version anymore? how can I fix this.

P.S: It also sometimes logs me out when I even have the browser open.

Thank you.
Firstly log out from all browsers.
Then change chrome://flags/#account-consistency to "Disabled" and sign into your account again.
Sadly, the issue persists. I signed out of centbrowser and disabled the flag you told me to then restarted the browser. Logged in again and tried to close the browser and reopen it only to have the same exact issue again. I'm still getting signed out...
yes, it's a difficult issue and it's annoying for many chrome people too,
as you can see on chrome's reddit for example,
as I said on another thread I managed to fix it (after transferring my profile to cent's folder) by
deleting user files and/or folders,
I didn't take notes though, so I don't remember which

however, now my chrome refuses to stay synced Biggrin
I guess I should do the same on there too

I posted on their support group too and they said that the sync platform is very old and
they said that they would update it by the end of the previous/start of this year,
but I didn't see any progress
Can anyone from the dev team here help me with my issue please?