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Full Version: Bookmark Question (width of toolbar names) & other Qs
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When I type over a certain amount of characters for a folder on the bookmark toolbar it fades out, even if the toolbar is not full. Is there any way to increase this character limit ?

Also is there any way to use the bookmark manager that was around a few years back until Chrome changed it to the new grey/blue one ? 

Finally, can I safely upgrade Cent in future without worrying that I will be forced on to the Chrome design ? As I changed last week to Cent because of the tab change design in Chrome (when they removed the option to change back from the flags settings) and I don't want to risk upgrading and being forced to change to it. 

Thanks !!
We will try best effort to keep the old UI.
If we increase character limit, it will be too long of single item.
Then less items can be displayed on the bookmarks bar.
I think that should not increase characters.
(03-07-2019, 08:16 AM)happy01 Wrote: [ -> ]I think that should not increase characters.

In the next version we will add an option to limit bookmark button width.