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Full Version: Will there be working PiP (picture-in-picture)?
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will there?
Hi "vanlong441",

"Picture in picture" is a feature added by default to Chromium in version 69; it will of course also be available in the new version (69 or 70) of the Cent Browser.

To start using this feature, first you need to:

- The "Enable" option should be selected for the following two features in the "chrome://flags" window:

  "Enable Picture-in-Picture"
  "Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos."

- Then you need to start the video, right-click the window twice in a row, and then select "Picture in Picture" which starts appearing.


NOTE 1) This feature works even in the current version (67) of the Cent Browser. But it is not possible to use the small video window yet independently; that is, you cannot drag-and-drop it out of the main window of Cent Browser yet.

           2) As far as I know, there is another feature that only Cent Browser (and Opera) has: With the "Settings > Browsing > Show type for playing video in popup window" option selected, you can separate the video window from the Cent Browser main window by clicking the first icon (called "Play this video in a popup window") that appears at the top right of the video window.
Thanks, taba.
thanks mates, though the function is not perfect, it's there at least. I'm looking forward to what PiP of the new version of Cent will look like once it's released!