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Full Version: Random Tabs Issue
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In the Settings, On Startup option I choose "Continue where you left off". This is the setting I've ever used in my previous version too and since I just copy-paste all the User Data folder, everything keeps the same. Or at least should be. But in the latest version there is something wrong: for example, I always keep 4 constant tabs with the most important websites, so that when I run Cent, they are always there. BUT: since the latest version, once I run the browser, it loads also some extra tabs with websites I previously visited. Keep in mind that I ALWAYS CLOSE all the "temporal" tabs before closing the browser! I always close the browser with the 4 constant tabs only! The problem is that Cent somehow keeps and loads at start up some other tabs from my previous browsing, although I closed them all closing the browser. And also, they appear together with my constant tabs in random order(?!?).
Hope you understand my explanation and deeply count on your help.
Thank you!
If you always open the same tabs at startup, you can set the Statup mode to a specific set of pages and enter here the URL, maybe it would work better?