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First off, I'd like to thank all CentBrowser team for this nice chromium/chrome browser ! I have finally found a powerful alternative to Coolnovo (which was discontinued since a long time). IMHO You have built the perfect browser with the best (and absolutely useful) options like mouse gestures, possibility to change the temp path, change default behavior with favorites or typed url, etc. I wouldn't use any browser that do not have at least all these options  Tongue

I have only one question : Do you plan to add, in the near future, translations of CentBrowser ?? I'd love to see a full french version of it. Now, we have some kind of "frenglish" (french + english) version, not that bad, but not really "user friendly".

I have already translated (for myself) a lot of programs (like mIRC, Discjuggler,PsQREdit, Summer Properties, PotPlayer, etc.) in my free time...if you search for a french translator, it would be a pleasure to help you and make CentBrowser fully localized in french !


ps : the default download manager of chrome/chromium is really really bad, any chance to see some improvements for it ?
Thanks for your concern.
We will add translations for the popular languages.Soon I will post a thread in each international forum.

For the download manager, what do you expect it to be?Should it be similar to Coolnovo and Firefox(toolbar download button and drop down menu)?
thanks for your quick answer, I'm glad to see you didn't forget non (native) english Smile
So I'm waiting for the french translation

For the download manager, I know this is my own opinion (and maybe I'm the only one thinking like that) but : yes, it should be like coolnovo, with a toolbar button (should be nice with a progress bar of the latest active download added) and a drop down menu with all active downloads, so you can see it IF YOU WANT (and not ALWAYS, like the original manager). Actually, when you download anything, the big download bar takes a lot of space and does not close when finished...I really don't understand why it was made like that in chrome/chromium.

I was litteraly a fan of Coolnovo (until it was deprecated) because of its download manager (simple, beautiful, useful, not annoying) + mouse gesture and customized temp folder.
I'm really happy to see that CentBrowser has ~80% of the features I like...and I'm using "Chrono Download Manager" extension to avoid this useless download manager (the option to change how many concurrent downloads is really a must have) Wink

Option(s) that would be nice too :
- automatically remove finished (successfully) downloads
- do NOT ask confirmation when downloading .EXE, .MSI, etc. (I know what I do, please chrome/chromium developers, stop thinking users are brainless)

thanks for your concern.
Well, we will refer to Coolnovo and Firefox when we make this feature.And do you think it is convenient to use an external download manager(flashget,IDM,Free Download Manager,eagleget,etc)?
An option to use an external download manager should be probably useful (so everybody should be happy to be able to choose between internal/external manager)

For my part, I used Download Accelerator Plus for a long time, but now, integrated download manager is more common and pratical (does not require any other program running in the background).

BTW if you add it as an option, it should be really usefull when downloading a lot of files simultaneously...integrated manager(s) are very limited for this kind of task.
Yes.Of course there will be an option to select internal download tool or external one.
And I just posted a thread in French forum for translation request.Please do a favor if you have time.
French translation added Wink

ps : glad to see a team that is listening to users to make it better ! That's really great, thanks.
Well done, thanks for your support.  Heart
I have to agree with this. I much prefer Mozilla Firefox / Opera download button /w dropdown menu istead of chrome's download toolbar Smile

One more question. would it be possible to add a speed dial where the user can choose to pin webpages of his choosing and also choose thumbnail and icon size etc . ? Like this for example:

Well.Download menu and new tab thumbnail customization are on our high priority.
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