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Full Version: What is the role of web browser in the field of education?
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Students are given assignments and it had to be submitted within the time limit.Depending on books for assignment topics is not practical because the books may be unavailable .But if we browse the particular assignment topic or the book which has the topic we may get the result as in the form of soft copy.It is easy to access information from web .We  will get information about anything and everything from internet .Hence students loves browsing because of its easiness and availability.Thus web browsing plays an important role in the field of education.
Is this advertising for remote education?
(10-26-2017, 03:33 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: [ -> ]Is this advertising for remote education?

Here I highlighted some tips for college students, Now a days, most of all college students are learn and search their topics by different many kinds of online ad's for examples : Television , internet, etc. They face different situation in their college life, so they must take help from online course.