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Full Version: An error I did not want to encounter in Cent Browser
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Hi All,

I have been using Cent as default browser for a few months; I was very satisfied; I congratulate the producers cordially.

I used Slimjet before Cent; but I stopped using it because Slimjet developers did not fix an error, which starting to appear in the new version (15), although I have constantly warned them.

[If the personal settings and extensions made to the Slimjet on a computer are transferred to the Slimjet on another computer (by transferring the "User Data" folder), the Slimjet will reset itself (delete all extensions and custom settings); just like Google Chrome does.]

I wish superior success to Cent developers.

Best regards,
Have tested Cent Browser?
Our portable version can be used among multiple computers without data lost.
(10-20-2017, 04:22 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: [ -> ]Have tested Cent Browser?

Of course I tested it (about 4 months ago). When I saw that Cent Browser was trouble free, I stopped using Slimjet.

(I made this clear on the Slimjet forum.)


Note: I guess I just could not explain on my first post what I mean, because my English is not enough; sorry.