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Full Version: Feature request
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First of all i want to say that this is the most feature rich Chrome based browser out there and i love it.
I'm starting to move away from Firefox after many years and looking for a good replacement and Cent browser is almost there Smile

I would love to see a permanent Bookmark sidebar that always sits at the left side like on Firefox and Slimjet browser.
Hovering is nice but for me it works better when it's always visible.

I don't know if this is possible or not but if this could be done i'm switching completely to this browser.

Keep up the great work!
We have ever done this sidebar, later removed.
Here is a good extension may fit your needs:

This extension can't be loaded in New Tab page because of Chrome security restriction, you can customize New Tab URL to https://www.google.com to bypass this restriction.
What was the reason that you have removed it?
Thanks but all the bookmarks sidebar extensions are pretty much the same. Yours is built in which is nice. But they are just not the same es a permanent one which doesnt close after you continue browsing.
Not much users need it.
It has the following disadvantages:
1.A permanent sidebar occupies the web page area.
2.If you expand it, you may have to scroll the panel to find target bookmark;if you don't expand it, it can't show many items.
We think its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.
Thanks for the answer.
I guess it's just me then. I can't do without one.
It just takes me way to much time to click again and again on the bar.

Too bad... still liking the browser.