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Full Version: Bookmark backup
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I just noticed that the bookmark folder, where i save my bookmarks currently, is missing. My older bookmarks are there, but that folder where is my newest bookmarks from 2015 to 2017 is missing. How can i get it back? There was Bookmark.bak in the Cent Browser folder. It was from yesterday and when i tried that, that folder is still missing :/
I dont know what happend to it. I am sure that i havent deleted it and i did used it yesterday when i did add couple bookmarks there.
Please rename current User Data(to keep current state and protect it from changing) and login your Google account to sync your bookmarks back.
I am not sure what caused this issue, maybe a failed disk IO.
Bookmark.bak is a backup of your bookmarks when the PREVIOUS BROWSER SESSION ends.
If you have restarted the browser for more than once, there is still possibility of losing bookmarks.