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Full Version: Poll for bookmark folder icon
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Material style yellow[attachment=267]
Material style black[attachment=268]
Non-Material style yellow[attachment=269]
as a material hater, the old yellow non-material style of course Dodgy

(Material sucks)

I prefer the default image.(Material style yellow) Biggrin
Voting for Material style black, just looks much better with a dark theme.
Material style black is the best!
Seems users that don't care about this won't come to vote. Biggrin
why, i did come to say i don't care.) 'cause i really don't see much difference. especially as Chromium doesn't have theming as a proper feature.
I think material style black icons looks best.
Either yellow for me, black looks awful and was one reason why I didn't like early material versions. I see no harm for an option though.
Toolbar icons and bookmark folder icon can't be customized in Chromium theme. I think the best solution is Chromium adds theme variables for these icons.
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